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Our Strategic Planning and Development process allows businesses to identify, analyze, modify, evaluate, and measure individual and organizational performance while creating a blueprint for the future. We also have also have experience in providing disaster planning and recovery management, community planning and developing company annual reports.



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Bayard Management offers a variety of individual and organizational needs assessments to develop targeted interventions that improve employee and organizational performance.

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Organizations are only as strong as their leaders.  We offer a variety of courses to build effective leadership across the entire organizational structure. Our industry specific training ranges include manufacturing, education, non-profit, healthcare, as well as government and private seminars and certifcations. 

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Referral Permanent & Temporary Staffing

We strive to recruit, screen, and place permanent or temporary employees in positions that fit the organization and the employee.  Whether you are an employer seeking qualified applicants or an applicant seeking a promising job opportunity.  Our team of placement professionals can met your needs with satisfaction.

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Human Resource Management

                • Developing employee policies and    procedures manual.
                  Developing operational manuals.
                  Managing terminations and    unemployment claims.
                  Managing worker's compensation
                  Managing employee grievances and    EEOC claims.
                  Conducting background checks.
                  Designing and implementing employee    performance evaluations.
                  Conducting compensation studies and    developing pay plans.
                  Managing payroll and health benefit    plans.
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OSHA Training & Safety Management

Our OSHA Training & Safety Management courses help you to ensure your organization is OSHA Compliant.   

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